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Samoan, American Samoa

Samoan language is central to Samoan identity, embodying the community’s values and traditions.

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Language Overview

A Polynesian language, Samoan is spoken in Samoa and American Samoa, with significant communities in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. It is estimated to have around 510,000 speakers worldwide. Samoan is notable for its ceremonial speech forms.
Market Insights
Media consumption is evolving, with a blend of traditional and digital platforms. There’s a strong preference for content that reflects Samoan culture and values.
Cultural Context
Samoan language is formal in many contexts, reflecting social hierarchies. Kinship terms are particularly important. Respect for elders and tradition is evident in language use.
Writing System and Typography
Uses the Latin script with a few special letters. Text flows left to right. Typography is straightforward, with no special requirements.
Phonetics and Phonology
Phonology is characterized by fewer consonants and open syllables. Pronunciation is generally straightforward for English speakers.
Grammatical Structure
Verb-subject-object (VSO) structure is common. Tense and aspect are marked by particles. No gender distinction in nouns.
Media and Text Layout
Translation can lead to 5-10% text expansion. Subtitle and dubbing work requires sensitivity to cultural and social nuances. Recommended 30-35 characters per line.
Localization Challenges
Challenges include conveying cultural concepts and ceremonial language. Local expertise is crucial for accurate translations.
Technical Considerations
Few issues with software compatibility. Attention to special characters for accurate representation is necessary.
Other information
Samoan language is central to Samoan identity, embodying the community’s values and traditions.
Our Human Voices
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  • SAMM02Kalei
  • SAMF01Lani
  • SAMF02Lulump3

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