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Artificial Intelligence - The Future is Near

Record Cheaper, Faster, More Efficient!

More than a thousand voices strong, as Accent Network, we have put together one of the most robust catalogs of reliable and cost-effective English and international human voice talents in the industry. 

Our army of human voice talents is featured in projects for the top US names in the banking, automation, entertaining, training, or transportation industries, just to name a few. 

With the advent of the newest artificial intelligence Text-to-Speech technologies, we're applying our technologies and know-how to create the largest selection of high-quality neural voices available in the market. 

We can produce high-quality voice generation in over 50 languages and accents with a total count of over 500 unique neural voices.


We Guarantee our Neural Voices will Sound Like Humans


We cover more than 50 major languages and accents that sound like human voice talents, including English (UK and US), Spanish (EU, Neutral, Mexican), Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, and more!


Once you have access to our database, we give you options to select among different male and female AI voice talents. You will be amazed at how natural they sound! 


We can offer a couple of quality packages for your audiobooks, videos, podcasts and other kinds of production. In all cases, the basic delivery will be a .wav or .mp3 file with their recording. Choose between Near "As-Is" Neural Voice or Premium Neural Voice.

Near "As-Is" Neural Voice - The cheapest recordings available;

Premium Neural Voice - Our managers will work on every word of your script to receive the same intonation and correct pronunciation identical to human voices.


To make the things easier, Artificial Intelligence records untimed scripts which can be used for your articles, podcasts, e-books, e-learning, and also timed scripts. Timed recordings are our special know-how that makes the synchronization process easy, so the final recording can fit the necessary timing limits, and even fit within your video time. Use timed recordings for your videos for corporate, marketing and other needs! 

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Applied to The Localization Industry?

βœ… Be competitive tomorrow - Accent Network has learned how to record your projects faster and cheaper to help you to stay competitive in international markets and 'record' voice-over in seconds!
βœ… Human-like voice: The machines are taught from regular voice actors. They sound like a human, and you can test the sound;
βœ… Receive recording in a few seconds: Immediate recording according to your script!
βœ… Cheaper: No need to waste money on additional re-recordings - our robot can re-record it for you at any time! 
βœ… Main 50 languages supported: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Korean and Japanese, and more!

Use technology and remain competitive these times!


  • Voice-Over by Humans and Artificial Intelligence;
  • High Quality Services;
  • Thousands of satisfied clients;
  • Full Confidentiality;
  • 24/7 availability
  • Full Localization Services: Voice-Over, Translation, Subtitling, Videos Localization, and more!

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