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Dubbing for the Age of AI

Our systems make it possible, your linguists make them perfect.

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Video Samples for Every Budget and Requirement!

Every video dubbing project is different. We provide all the options your clients might need.

Gold Voices

High-Quality Neural Voices

Great voices for most kinds of projects.

Unique AI voice library with 1,950+ premium synthetic voices
145 Languages and Dialects.
Up to 20 voices to choose from in any language
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Platinum Voices

Cloned or Expressive Voices

You already have all you need to produce these videos at this or better quality. You could start selling this today!

Cloning process done automatically in seconds at no extra cost to you.
New cloned voice is stored for future use in your business account alone.
Simple pay-as-you-go payment.
Use cloned voices responsibly, with signed permission from voice.

Growing list of applicable languages: English (USA), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Arabic (UAE), Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (Australia), English (Canada), English (UK), Filipino, Finnish, French (Canada), French (France), German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Tamil, Turkish, Ukrainian

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Alpha Stage

Deep-Fake Lip Synchronization

The power of deep-fakes applied to the mouth of the speaker.

Sync the lips of people in videos to any audio in HD.
Applicable to any voice and language available in TAN.
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Painless Commercials Dubbing

One voice, many languages.

A bright future ahead

The party is just starting

Don’t let AI hype shake you—true excellence in language services and useful outputs, is still impossible without the human touch. While AI technologists can dazzle consumers on one minute samples, and that only with hidden human manicuring, they fall short in longer, more complex projects. These technologies are of no use on their own. You must be able to mass-produce their results reliably and in tandem with others.As an LSP or language professional, you’re uniquely positioned to deliver unmatched quality. Our cutting-edge tools and workflows are designed to amplify your team’s expertise, setting you apart in a market hungry for precision and nuance. Elevate your game; your clients should also expect excellence in the age of AI.

From zero know-how to star

With our tools and your linguists, become a dubbing expert in no time!

This is the process your videos will go through if your client requires them to be human-improved. You can choose what stages to add human review to or, for low-quality budgets and expectations, you can go from point A to point Z directly.


Create the project through your secure portal.

Video Upload

Automatic conversion of the video to low resolution for reference.

Audio Split

Audio splitting into different channels for music, noise, and speech.


Transcription into script, separated by units of meaning and assigned by speaker.

Transcription Review

Team gets email alert with link to review transcription and speaker diarization online.

Voice Selection

Team alerted to pick target-language voices for each speaker.

AI Translation

Automatic pre-translation completed.

Translation & Adaptation

Team notified to review and time-adjust automated translation for phrase-specific syncing.

Audio & SRT

Receive a post-review email with SRT and audio files. Edit manually or wait for auto-finalization.

Lips Deep Fake (alpha)

Generation of deep fake of the mouth of the speaker for perfect lip-sync dubbing.

Final Render

Choose auto-generation and get a download-ready video link for immediate publishing.

The Puzzle Pieces you Need

The Symphony of Tools in Dubbing Localization

Dubbing localization relies on a variety of specialized tools for tasks like script adaptation, audio editing, and timing. These technologies work together to ensure linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance, resulting in a product that resonates with the target audience.