Leila (Female) Portuguese Brazil Voice Over Leila (Female) Portuguese Brazil Voice Over

Do you need a female Portuguese Brazil voice over?  Check out Leila's pleasant voice.  If you want to request a free quick quote, use code POBZF04 and fill in the form on the right. 

Mary Female Portuguese Voice Over Brazilian Accent

Do you need a good and well-experienced female Portuguese voice over? If yes, listen to Mary's pleasant and clean voice. If you like her voice and want to know her rates and availability, use POBZF05 when you send us a request.

Sanny Female Portuguese Brazil Voice Over

The best Female Portuguese Voice Over (Portuguese Brazil Voice Over) is here. Listen to Sanny's voice, and book it now! Her booking code is POBZF08. Use it to know Sanny's rates and availability. 

Daniela Female Portuguese Brazilian Voice Over

Are you looking for a female Portuguese Brazilian voice over for your next project? Daniela has all potentials to deliver your project in the best possible way. To book her voice, use code POBZF09. 

Arcelino (Male) Portuguese Brazil Voice Over

Launching in new markets? Looking for a male Portuguese Brazilian voice over? Arcelino could be the right male Brazilian Portuguese voice-over for your project. Use code POBZM03 to book him.

Duarte (Male) Portuguese Brazil Voice Over Duarte (Male) Portuguese Brazil Voice Over

Meet Geraldo - a male Portuguese Brazil voice-over talent with a creamy voice. Graldo has been in VO industry for more than 7 years, so he is an expert in his job. Use the POBZM03 code to book Geraldo's voice for your project. 

Geraldo (M) Portuguese Brazil Voice Over

Do you need a good male Portuguese Voice Over Talent for your project? Listen to Geraldo's voice. His voice is persuasive, and clean, but he can manage his voice in different ways, so he is the best choice for your different types of projects. Use code POBZM04 to know his rates and book his voice. 

Marcel Male Portuguese Brazil Voice Over

Need a male Portuguese Brazil Voice Over? Are you going to record an e-learning project, IVR, or film, commercials, or Radio spots? You can record with Marcel any material you need! He would be glad to assist you in your projects. Marcel's booking code is POBZM09. 

Anais Female Portuguese Brazil Voice Over

Anais is one of our favorite Portuguese Brazil Voice Over talents. Listen to her charmful voice - and request a quote to know her rates and availability. Her booking code is POBZF07. 

Mario (Male) Portuguese Brazil Voice Over

Mario is our favorite Brazilian Portuguese voice. If you are looking for a male Brazilian Portuguese voice-over and you like Mario, use code POBZM11 to book him.

David (Male) Portuguese Brazil Voice Over

Do you need a male Brazilian Portuguese Voice Over? David has an attractive male Brazilian Portuguese voice. If his voice suits your project, use code POBZM10 when filling out the quick enquiry form on the right.

Milton (Male) Portuguese Brazil Voice Over Milton (Male) Portuguese Brazil Voice Over

Do you need a Male Portuguese Voice-Over for your next project? Listen to a pleasant Milton's voice with Brazil accent. Milton is a well-experienced male Portuguese voice-over talent who has participated in different projects: TV prompts, Radio prompts, e-books, etc. 

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