Falguni Female Kannada Voice Over

Do you need a female Kannada voice over for your next project?  Falguni  is an outstanding Kannada voice talent. She has been working in voice recording industry for a very long time. If you are interested in booking this female Kannada narrator, use code KAFE01. 

Fullan Female Kannada Voice Over

In case you need a female Kannada voice over, listen to Fullan's voice. Use code KAFE03 to book this female Kannada voice artist and fill out the form on the right side of our website.

Gagnesh Male Kannada Voice Over

Gagnesh could be the best male Kannada voice-over for your project. He is a very talented Kannada narrator, with huge experience in voice recording. Use code KAM02 if you want to book this Kannada voice-over talent.

Firaki Female Kannada Voice Over

If you are looking for a female Kannada voice over, check Firaki's voice. To book this Kannada voice talent, use code KAFE02 and fill out the form on the right. 

Gagan Male Kannada Voice-Over

We are glad to introduce you to this male Kannada voice-over. Gagan could be the perfect choice for your project or your customer's project. He is a talented Kannada voice artist, very compelling in commercials. If you want to book his voice, use code KAM01.

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