Aruna (F) Gujarati Voice Over

Looking for a female Gujarati narrator?  If you think Aruna could be the best voice-over for your project, use code INGUF01 when filling out the form on the right to inquire about this voice talent.

Darsh (Male) Gujarati Voice Over

Looking for a male Gujarati voice over? Darsh could be the best Gujarati voice-over for your project. Use code GUJM02 if you want to book this voice talent.

Deeba (Female) Gujarati Voice Over

Deeba has a very pleasant voice, suitable for almost any kind of project. Use code GUJFE02 if you want to book this female Gujarati voice-over.

Daksh (Male) Gujarati Voice Over

If you are looking for a male Gujurati voice-over, you came to the right place. Check out Daksh's male Gujarati voice. If you want to book his voice, use code GUJM01 when filling out the form.

Daksa (Female) Gujarati Voice Over

Daksa is an experienced female Gujarati voice-over artist. She can use her voice in different ways, so she is very versatile and can work on many different types of voice recording projects. If you want to book this voice-over talent, use code GUJFE01.

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