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What You Should Know About Our Localization Post-production Services

You want to expand into a new territory to reach a new audience, so you’ve decided to translate your video or presentation into another language. You’ve decided on your target languages, but aren’t quite sure how the process works.

In general, what most people do after deciding on the target languages is to choose a voice talent to record it. Once voice-over is chosen, and the translation is ready, the voice records your script. But the process does not end by the time the translated script is recorded. So, what’s left? Localization post-production services.

Accent Network provides a complete range of voice-over and translation services, including post-production, video, and audio editing. (mp4 or mov.) or video source project and have it professionally localized into other languages. Voice over is among our core competencies. However, when the voice-over work is done, we offer other supplementary services to our clients:

Audio Editing & Synchronization

It includes audio files cleaning, normalization, EQ, compressing, mastering, splitting, bulk naming if necessary (for big IVR projects), and audio and video synchronization —we take care of every aspect of sound.

Video Work

Add audio file to your video, and you’ll receive a localized video dubbed in another language. If you have a video project, we just change audio tracks inside of the project; if you don’t have a video project, we add a new audio over the source, making the source slightly heard.

On-screen Localization

If your video contains some onscreen text, such as speakers’ names and organization names or job titles, this material can be localized as well. There are two options, depending on whether you can provide the initial video project or not. The first option, you send us a video project (for example, in After Effects), and we change the on-screen text to another language inside the project. Or, the second option, if you don’t have a video source, we translate the on-screen content and put it as subtitles or titles in another language.

Video Editing & Animation

If you need to change some video elements in your video, add some intro or outro, or add visual effects, cut unnecessary parts or insert other video shoots in your video, our professionals can take care of it. We can add some animation to your video if needed as well. Our managers thoroughly discuss all the details of the project.

The list localization post-production services doesn’t end there. Every project is unique, and our company provides an individual approach to each inquiry and new task we have. By taking advantage of post-production services, you will receive a quality localized video, and you’ll get the chance to reach a new audience and speak with them in their local language.

Any Format, Any Media, Any Language.

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We are a localization company with over 20 years of experience, specializing in providing solutions for translating and adapting content into any language and format. Offering a wide range of services from fully automated to entirely human-powered localization, as well as hybrid, we help businesses and organizations reach the world.
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