Language Management: The Solutions

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Knowing what the problems are when dealing with your organization's multilingual strategies can definitely get you closer to the end of the tunnel.

But here are a few pointers on how Accent Network can really help you and your company bring it all together with a comprehensive 360º language management solution that will make you look like a champ to your international audiences and/or... your boss.

The Accent Network Way

  • Turn-Key Services in Any Format, Media and Language

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Your organization must communicate its message in whatever format needed for it to reach its goals. So it only makes sense that your language management partner should be able to seamlessly adapt as well.

Accent Network's passion is technology and our teams and capabilities will support your multilingual needs regardless of how complex your requirements are. We're ready to work in:

  • Any Language. We're currently offering services on a regular basis in languages most people have never even heard of.
  • Any Media. We deal weekly with projects that require our translated material to be delivered as audio, text documents, content management systems (CMS), software, IVR scripts....
  • Any Format. We're ready to convert your InDesign, XML, Quark, HTML, PowerPoint or... whatever documents you throw at us into any language and get them back to you in ready-to-print state. Our cost-effective DTP services will keep you covered.

Our commitment to serving your needs regardless of your chosen media has resulted in establishing contractual long-term partnerships with professional recording studios and voice talents throughout the world. As a result of these continous efforts, Accent Network now has one of the largest high quality international voice talent collections in the industry. Make sure to check our 350+ catalogue before you leave the site!

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  • Company-Wide Master Terminology Database

Fragmenting your organization's translation needs by department, office or media type really hurts the quality of your international message. And that's only the beginning. It totally blocks your ability to leverage past translation work done to lower your overall costs.

Even in the unlikely case that all your translation providers used the latest Translation Memory technology (including the boss' "Spanish-speaking" cousin...), they probably never share their databases with each other and your organization will suffer for it.

Here's what our unified database management solution can offer:

  • Cumulative Discounts (50% or more) on Repetitions. The more your company translates the more it saves. Just that simple. Our unified Translation Memory approach applies regardless of type of media or what department translated your materials last time.
  • Terminology Consistency or Standardization. Your company's key words and phrases should be translated just the same way no matter who's requesting a translation or what format the message requires.

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