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Accent Network works with all languages and accents. For the past 15 years we have completed localization, translation, voice-over, and subtitling projects in more than 100 languages and accents.
Send requests to on our website, or directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Yes, just send us your project requirements and instructions adding ‘rush’ to the project subject/instructions, and you will receive your translation within the required deadline.
Broadly speaking, the main difference between translation and interpretation is that translators translate written texts, whereas interpreters translate orally.
Yes, for translation projects we use Trados. For subtitling projects, we work with the online system TranslatingBox.
Your videos can be translated using subtitles or adding voice-over. It would be very convenient if you provided us with the source project for your video. In that way, we could translate on-screen text, too, or add voice-over in another language fast.
Yes, we have considerable experience in DTP services.
Yes, we offer our clients discounts on repetitions as from the second order.
Yes, Accent Network provides transliteration in any language.
We have a big and constantly expanding library of voice-over artists with long experience in any kind of projects –ranging from general narration projects for IVR, e-learning or audio guide and books, to recordings for Radio, TV, and Internet commercials.
1) You send us your project requirements, providing the necessary information for us to calculate the quote.
For translation projects: Field (medical, legal, IVR, general, etc.), source text, source and target languages, date and time you need it for.
For voice projects: recording usage, script, number of minutes, voice-talent characteristics (age, gender, experience, type of voice, etc.)
2) We work on the quote and send you the quote ASAP ─including voice-over artists’ samples for voice projects.
For translation projects: approve the quote, and send us the source files and reference files you might have.
For voice projects: you select voice-over talents, approve the quote, and send us your final script and source files ─if needed and/or available.
4) We work on the project. During the process, we’ll keep you updated on the steps.
5) We send you the project within deadline or earlier. You check it, approve it, and you are happy!
To receive the quote for voice-over services ASAP, please, send us detailed information: type of project, languages required, voice-over gender, script or video/audio and/or number of words (in source script or translated), voice-over recording usage (broadcasting).
Several factors determine rates: voice actor selected, number of words on the script or audio length, type of project (broadcasting or not), recording usage -national, local, global. To avoid additional re-recordings –which may affect the price─, we recommend our clients to use Directed Sessions with Voice Actors. We can organize such sessions for you and your client. Some of our clients use our pronunciation line to avoid additional changes because of mispronunciations.
1) Translated Time-Coded Script
2) Voice-Over Recording
3) Audio Editing
4) Audio Synchronization
5) Adding audio to video (with our without source project)
Our studios and talents are available to be ‘present’ through a conference call we can set up for you and your clients. We highly encourage clients to take advantage of this feature to avoid unnecessary re-recordings. If you’d like to add direct sessions to your recording projects, all you have to do is let us know. Direct Sessions are free for you and your clients.
If you have a voice talent but you need language assistance, we provide assistance in English, Spanish, and Russian during the session for a minimum rate.
Yes, we have a readily available voice prints database to record your project according to your requirements. Learn about how we worked on Cortana.
Yes, we provide app testing services in any language.
We can deliver subtitles in SRT format or any other format you require. If you need to translate subtitles, we can send you PreSub files -ready to be translated in Translating Box by any translator. We have a team of translators ready to do so, as well. We can also send you the time-coded file in Word or Excel at your request for you to translate.
Embedding subtitles refers to burning subtitles in your video, so you receive the video content translated with subtitles as final deliverables. This is the most affordable option to receive a translated video ─in comparison to voice-over.
This is the way we work:
1) You send us the video;
2) We transcribe it;
3) We create SRT, PreSub or timecode;
4) We translate (using TranslatingBox or other software)
5) You receive multilingual SRT files or videos with embedded subtitles onto it.
Your translators can easily translate subtitles using Translating Box.
SRT embedding is one of the most popular services requested by our clients. We work in any language, in any video format.
Yes, we can add subtitle effects (fade-in/fade out, subtitles on black rectangles, etc.) for a minimum fee.
We can send you screenshots so that you can see how subtitles are placed on the screen before embedding them.
Absolutely, we can provide you with examples.
We divide subtitles taking into consideration the following factors: source language and target language (if source is English, and target - other, we try to make them shorter, because translation in target could be longer); logical points ending (not to cut subtitles in the logical part); scenes changing on the screen.
The subtitle line duration should be as close as equal to the spoken phrase duration.
We have a background music database for you to choose from and use in your videos. Or we can provide you with music and song recording services.
If you need to translate on-screen text, we can provide you with several options. It will be convenient for you to have a source project. If you do not have source files for the project, you can send us your video, and we will suggest ideas to translate on-screen text.
Yes, Accent Network works with animation.
Send us your project and footage in After Effects, Adobe Premier, or any other app.
Quotations are free. You can request a Quick Free Quote anytime.
To request a Quick Free Quote, you can fill in the form on our website, call us at +1 (512) 593-5008, or email us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Typically, quotes are sent within 2-24 hours. If you need an urgent quote, you should add ‘urgent’ to the quote so that we can prepare it accordingly, and send it to you within 2-3 hours.
Does the cost of translation decrease if a given text contains phrases that have already been translated?
The standard voice-over rate for non-broadcasting projects includes director, recording studio, audio engineer, voice talent. The standard voice-over rate for broadcasting projects includes the same services, plus audio editing.
Yes, we provide audio synchronization, audio editing, and audio splitting.
There are 2 ways to synchronize audio and video: audio sync and lip sync.
Yes, Accent Network provides transliteration in any language.
Rates for transcription depend on number of minutes, number of people, language, audio noise and quality, number of languages in the video, and whether time-stamps are required.
Yes, we can add timestamps to transcription.
Yes, Accent Network provides language authentication services.
Accent Network is a fast-growing translation and localization company. In addition to translation and localization, we offer a wide range of services such as translation, localization, transcreation, transcription, srt-creation, subtitling, video editing, audio editing, audio synchronization, language accent authentication, voice-over, dubbing, app testing, and voice prints for speech recognition systems.
We collaborate with big and small companies located throughout the world –in USA, England, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, India, Russia, and Germany to name but a few. Our linguists and multimedia specialists deliver any kind of localized materials ─presentations, videos, films, radio spots, commercials, e-learning projects, and IVR.
Translating Box is a very useful tool designed to help translators translate subtitles in a fast and easy way, keeping time-code and subtitle lines unchanged. It is the best tool you can use to translate your project into 10 or even 20 languages at the same time.
Currently it is not possible, but we are working to make it possible.
Yes, we do. If you need your project done in 24-48h, we charge +40% the quote.
“I need a safe environment to transfer files to you –e-mail, Dropbox, or any other content sharing services are not acceptable. What would you recommend?”
We use BCommunities, a productive business tool that allows us to keep track of main business functions. By means of BCommunities, projects are safely managed: you can send your source files and documents, and receive deliverables within the stated timeline.

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