01 June 2020

Why Audio Editing is an Essential Part of Voiceover Recording

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All About Audio Editing and Why it's Important

Why Audio Editing is an Essential Part of Voiceover Recording

At Accent Network, a significant part of our work is in audio editing. No matter if the voice recording is for IVR, e-learning, dubbing, or if it’s voiceover in Spanish, English or Haitian Creole, our top priority is to deliver crystal-clear, nearly perfect Audio Files and to accomplish that, our editing must be on-point.

If you’ve worked with other voiceover producers, they might tell you they are responsible only for the actual recording and that audio editing is someone else’s job. But that begs the question: What is a client supposed to do with this unedited, raw audio file? If you’re paying for a professional voiceover, audio editing should be a final, and crucial step in the process.

At Accent Network, we are responsible not only for recording voiceovers in any language, but also for audio post-production, which includes

  • Audio Editing,
  • Splitting and Naming,
  • Channel Mixing,
  • Adding Background Music,
  • and Audio Synchronization.

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these means and our process.

Audio Editing Services and Importance

Audio Editing

Audio editing is the basic work included in every voiceover project. Although it can be time-consuming to deliver perfect audio files, it’s a necessary step. Audio editing includes:

  • Background noise removal
  • Breath removal
  • Clicks, pops and claps removal (sometimes the voice talent’s microphones leave some clicks during recordings)
  • Pitches Altering and picks removal
  • Echo removal
  • Loudness adjustments across all recordings.

Audio Equalization

Audio EQ (Equalization) includes attenuating the different levels of frequencies in a signal. We adjust high and low frequencies, depending on the audio recording received—some might need just minor tweaks, while others might need major adjustments. Using our audio EQ tool, we can also delete whistling or bussing sounds. This process is used to achieve exceptional final audio quality.

Splitting and Naming Prompts for IVR

For large multilingual projects, Splitting and Naming must be organized and carried out fast by our team. We know that for some clients’ Splitting and Naming can cause a big headache for other producers, but not for us. We have an experienced team of Audio Editors with the necessary applications and algorithms to complete huge multilingual projects swiftly, which requires thousands of splits and names assignments. We can deliver thousands of files, edited, split and properly named within your timeline.

Adding Free Space

Often, our clients’ projects require “standardized” the deliverable prompts, which includes a standard amount of free space (0.5 sec) in the beginning and end of each recording is added. Our team is capable of handling large amounts of prompts for this kind of work as well.

Audio Synchronization

Audio Synchronization is fundamental for dubbing projects, lip-synching projects, and also for any voiceover to be used together with the video. The target voice recording follows the same phrases and the same intonation, exclamation and pauses as the source audio recording (in English, for example).

For proper Voiceover Recording and Audio Synchronization, script preparation and translation adaptation for dubbing is a must. Our team is happy to help you with every nuance of this part of work. To learn more about Dubbing and Voiceover recording, you can watch our educational video.

Channel Mixing

In complicated dubbing projects with lots of roles recorded, background music, noises, sound effects, and audio paths, channel mixing is needed. We must add voiceover recordings to one channel, and background music to another channel, etc. When you watch a movie in a theater, you can clearly hear this effect and complexity of audio channels. Channel mixing is the art of mixing different sounds and editing voiceovers recorded together into one cohesive sound picture.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance of voice recordings is done in several stages.

First, when we receive the audio files from the studio and voiceover talent, we check the audio quality. Specifically, we check to ensure they delivered according to our standard specified in project details.

Secondly, after Audio Editing, we check a few more things. Notably, we check the quality of the audio editing and if voice talent followed the script, to ensure they didn’t make any mistakes in pronunciation.

Thirdly, if audio synchronization and other services are required, we play the audio together with the video to be 100% sure the job is done currently.

If our team notices any deviations from the normal, we re-record with the voice talent.
We guarantee that none of our work is sent to the client unchecked. Every file is properly QA’d by a linguist, project manager, and our team of editors.

audio editing services by professionals

If you have any voice recording projects in any language, we are happy to help!


Why should you work with Accent Network?

▪️Voice-Over Talents Database
We record with hundreds of trustworthy voiceover talents from all around the world!

▪️Professional Studios
All of our voice talents record in professional and well-equipped studios.

▪️Professional Audio Editing
We guarantee your audio files will be perfectly edited by our team of professionals.

▪️High Quality
We always include several Quality Assurance steps.

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