04 October 2016

Accent Network’s Brand New Office

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The Sky Is Not the Limit: New Office On the Moon

Accent Network’s Brand New Office











Accent Network offers 800+ voices in more than 100 languages and accents, and has opened borders.

To help you understand new future clients' language, and to help you grow your business next year we have decided to launch a new office... on the Moon.

office - moon

Our astronauts have arrived in the Moon, put the flag there, and established an office.

Our team on the Moon

We want to build a close relationship with aliens, by providing localization services, and speaking aliens' language.

Aliens and astronaut

And we did it! We've learnt aliens' language, and have already been providing voice-over services.

alien recording

So, if you are interested in voice-over, and localization services in any language ─including aliens', you know whom to contact!

Your team on Earth ─and now also on the Moon,

Accent Network

PS: Dear client!

If you are interested in localization, transcription, voice-over, subtitling, video production services, you can request a Quick Free Quote.

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Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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