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Arabic, Jordan

Arabic, Jordan


Arabic, Jordan

لغة الكرامة – The Language of Dignity

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Neural Voices

Language Overview

Arabic (Jordanian) is a dialect of Arabic spoken in Jordan. Shares similarities with other Levantine Arabic dialects. Predominantly spoken in Jordan, with significant speakers in Palestinian diaspora.
Market Insights
Preference for local Jordanian media alongside pan-Arab content. High engagement with social media and video streaming services. Youth-oriented content is increasingly popular.
Cultural Context
Jordanian Arabic shows influence from Bedouin dialects. Politeness and respect are crucial in communication. Significant urban-rural dialectal differences.
Writing System and Typography
Uses the Arabic script with specific Jordanian colloquialisms. Right-to-left text flow. Special characters and diacritics relevant to the dialect.
Phonetics and Phonology
Distinctive Jordanian accent with specific intonation patterns. Emphasis on certain consonants like ‘qaf’ which is pronounced differently than in other dialects. Non-native speakers might find the rhythm challenging.
Grammatical Structure
Similar to Standard Arabic in structure but with colloquial variations. Tendency towards a more relaxed sentence structure in everyday communication. Use of local expressions and idioms.
Media and Text Layout
Translation into Jordanian Arabic can see up to 20-25% text expansion. Challenges in keeping subtitles concise due to colloquial expressions. Recommended 30-35 characters per line for subtitles.
Localization Challenges
Translating humor and idiomatic expressions poses challenges. Successful localization examples often involve adapting content to reflect local values.
Technical Considerations
Special attention to dialect-specific expressions in digital content. Need for modern software to support unique colloquial aspects. Web and mobile designs must accommodate RTL script.
Other information
Jordanian Arabic is rich in proverbs and sayings, often used in daily conversation and media.
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