Crazy stuff we've done

Posted in Translation and Localization

Here's an example of the kind of language management projects that gave us our chops in this industry.

Combining the efforts of two project managers, with a one-day notice, we recruited and managed a team of 35 translators,editors, and software programmers for an extremely complex project.

We were given the opportunity to solve a big mess a translation agency had made with the coded files of a large manual during the proofreading process. They lost control of the project and had to return it to their client in that sorry state.

We found ourselves in what turned out to be a nine-day marathon in which we provided 172 billable management hours (plus many non-billable ones) and 445 billable hours from our freelancers’ work. In addition, as a last minute request from our client, and on a Sunday afternoon, we assembled a team of Portuguese specialized professionals (all with top of the line software tools) for the translation of 10,000 words that were not included in the original PO and delivered final texts in less than 10 hours.

The final project reflected our uncompromising commitment to excellence and made a hero out of our agency-client in the eyes of their customer, who did a very nice job in the eyes of the unsuspecting final client.