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As a company specialized in language management, Accent Network helps you communicate your message in the format, media and language of your choice, whatever the international market you're targeting. 

Accent Network specializes in finding quality translation resources in any language for translation and edition positions capable of delivering great texts that no one could guess are translations, in a timely manner. All the linguists we work with have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree education in translation or in a specialized field that is relevant to the subject matter of the project we assign to them.

We deal on a day to day basis with translations targeting all European, Asian as well as Middle-Eastern and African languages. We do this through time-tested, in-country partners so we are able to provide timely and cost effective localization services in any language you might need.

All our translators and editors work with top of the line translation assisted software so that, after their work is done, all final approved translation segments go into our unified database management solution. Our technology reuses your past translations for consistency and up to 70% discounts on repeat text.

As you'll quickly learn, working with us allows you to:

  • Centralize all localization projects for your whole company or group optimizing your staff's time
  • Keep quotes or invoices stored with each project
  • Check the status of your employees' projects from wherever you are
  • Keep a backup copy of your localization projects safely in your own private cloud