Sofia (F) Italian Voice Over

Sofia (F) Italian Voice Over

Looking for a female Italian narrator?  If you think Sofia could be the best voice-over for your project, use code ITNEF02 when filling out the form on the right to inquire about this voice talent.

Sofia has 23 years experience in the translation and media production sectors. Based in The Netherlands, she mostly works for the European and Northern American markets. 

She has voiced corporate videos, product presentations, television and radio commercials, narratives for television commercials, audio tour for museums, documentaries, fairytales, navigation systems, e-learning programs, tutorials, podcasts, meditation guidance, websites, iPad applications, artificial voice systems, interactive voice response systems, business telephone systems, audio guides for software applications, language courses, cartoons, videogames.

You can find her voice in products and media from Philips, Tom Tom, Cisco, Apple Store, KLM, Oracle, Easy Jet, Abbott, Adobe, SAI Global, Oxford University Press, Microsoft, UPC, Het Rembrandt Huis, Heathrow, Schiphol, Avery, Brita, Canal Company, Van Gogh Museum, Intel, European Space Agency, Nike, Heineken, Bertolli, Crodino, ANWB, Océ, Transavia, Air France, Nokia, Kenwood, Davilex, Lancia, Anne Frank Foundation, Canon.

Although her mother tongue is Italian, she is fluent in English and Dutch. Her French is quite good and her faded German can still bring an accented read in that language.

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