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Language Management: The Issues

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If you're reading this, you already understand the great value, costs and risks of getting your message across to a brand new target market. 

You probably even deal with translations, in one shape or form, on a regular basis. Whether you do it yourself, through an employee that "knows the language real good", through an army of external freelance translators or even through translation agencies, you know there are a thousand things that can go wrong at every step of the process.

After more than 13 years working in this industry, here are some things we've learned about most companies and those in charge of the fascinating and daunting task of internationalizing the message:

Who we are

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As a turn-key language company, Accent Network helps international businesses consolidate their global image reducing total language costs, increasing the consistency of their terminology and offering more control of the process to the client through the use of web technologies.  

Accent Network, LLC is a US company with production centers in Europe. The strategic location of its production premises provides a close contact with its European linguists’ teams and facilitates work between our Asian, US and European partners due to the privileged time zone from which it operates.

Accent Network keeps all terminology in client and language specific translation memory databases so that your preferred terminology and style can be kept consistent regardless of the chosen format (Web sites, MS Office, InDesign, Quark, multimedia, telephone IVR and MOH, etc.) over time. This also means that we can offer up discounts on the translation of repeated text.